On-Site Market Value Workshops

For the past year, KVC has conducted numerous private net meetings with both large and small companies to acquaint people with the power of Knowledge Blocks and Market Value Models.

Interest has been exceptional. People have asked how they can learn to create their own knowledge blocks and market value models. The old adage that it’s better to teach people to do something for themselves is still good advice.

We gave this request a lot of thought and decided that the emerging demand for knowledge blocks and market value models is best served by workshops. A workshop is a one or two day session, onsite, for up to ten (10) participants.

First, we designed workshop materials. Next, we asked several of our long term clients to help us fine-tune this new service. Now, we are pleased to announce the introduction of Market Value Workshops.

Workshop participants do not have to do any advanced preparation for a Market Value Workshop.

There are many benefits of a Market Value Workshop, including workbooks and functional knowledge block structures that can be used to calculate TMP Value, Economic Value, Marketing Influence and Market Value Metrics.

Participants can also arrange future net meetings to review progress.

Download our April 2004 newsletter,
which fully explains Market Value Workshops

• identify market opportunities
• identify emerging technologies
• identify breakthrough technologies
• identify acquisition candidates
• optimize manufacturing processes


• predict future market behavior
• accelerate learning curve/training of field reps
• achieve market value leadership
• prepare long-term sales forecasts
• improve marketing communications


• prepare long-term business blueprints
• establish economic value pricing
• gain competitive intelligence
• create tangible knowledge blocks
• increase professional productivity


• use knowledge blocks to create new businesses
• increase growth and profitability
• lessen business fluctuations
• determine timing and need for capital additions
• influence potential alliances

Market Value Workshop Agenda – Total Time 7 hours

Introduction to Knowledge Blocks (30 min)
• Definitions and theory
• Logic, the rational science
• Research patterns

Session 1 - Form of Argument (30 min)
• How to construct the form of argument for business, technology and market puzzles
• How to identify required knowledge blocks
• Practice 1

Session 2 - TechnoMarket Performance (TMP) Value (90 min)
• How to calculate TMP Values
• How to use TMP Values to envision and evaluate new product concepts
• Practice 2

Session 3 - Economic Value (60 min)
• How to calculate Economic Value
• How to compare the Economic Value of competitive products
• Practice 3

Session 4 - Marketing Influence (60 min)
• How to calculate Marketing Influence
• How to compare the Marketing Influence of competitors
• How to create and evaluate marketing programs
• Practice 4

Session 5 - Market Value Model (60 min)
• How to create a Market Value Model
• How to develop a Market Value Leadership action plan
• Practice 5

Session Breaks and Lunch (90 min total)


Session 1 - Form of Argument

All proposed projects are really rational arguments that prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a specific puzzle has been solved and that the goals will be achieved with certainty. Business plans should present solutions to all of the puzzles that have been solved for the business to achieve its goals.

Yes, every puzzle must be solved in advance before requesting funds. Anything less is a gamble that management shouldn’t be asked to take. This type of thorough thinking can be achieved with knowledge blocks and market value models.

The proper definition of an opportunity/project is an important puzzle that a team of people have solved by means of –

• Deciding their form of argument
• Identifying the required knowledge blocks
• Creating the knowledge blocks that have been identified
• Proving their argument, and...
• Presenting their solution in the form of a project proposal

Information, without the solution to an important puzzle, is nothing more than a topic. During the first session, participants will practice forming arguments and identifying knowledge blocks to solve, business, technology and market puzzles.

Session 2 - TMP Value

TechnoMarket Performance (TMP) Value is a knowledge block that links all of a product’s and or service’s properties/features together and correlates them with functional value for a product’s or service’s use in a specific application. TMP Value is the product or service. This is what customers purchase and not the specific widget or prospectus that embodies the properties.

TMP Value enables competitive and conceptual products and services to be compared in great detail and matched with optimum property profiles that meet the long term needs of specific markets. Without a complete TMP Value model and companion glossary, it is improbable that the long term needs of a market can ever be determined.

During the second session, participants will practice creating TMP Values and using them to create and evaluate new product/service concepts.

Session 3 - Economic Value

Economic Value is a knowledge bock that calculates an end-product-cost to customer-goal-ratio. This ratio (ECORATIO) is a metric that correlates with past, present and future economic value.

The numerator is the customer's detailed cost picture, which shows the variable and fixed costs associated with the manufacture, sale and distribution of products and services.

The denominator deals with the customer’s goals and objectives. The customer's aim is to achieve the best economic ratio for its own business. This is achieved either by improving the numerator (customer's cost of products and services) or by improving the denominator (enabling the customer to achieve their goals and objectives).

During the third session, participants will practice creating ECORATIO(s) and using them to compare competitive products and/or services.

Session 4 - Marketing Influence

Influence is a marketing hurdle that every player in a market value chain must overcome. Influence is like a brick wall in front of a customer that must be scaled before business can be done with that customer. Most players ought to be able to overcome the influence hurdle sufficiently to be able to conduct business in a market value chain. However, market value leaders generally know how to gain an influence advantage over their competitors.

An influence knowledge block facilitates the creation and evaluation of marketing programs to gain influence in a market.

During the fourth session, participants will practice creating marketing influence models and using them to both compare the marketing influence of competitors and also to create marketing programs.

Session 5 - Market Value Model

Market Value Model is a knowledge block that calculates the Market Value Metric.

The market value metric is the definitive metric for market success. The market value metric explains past and present market growth, business profitability, and competitors’ market share. Most importantly, the market value metric is a leading indicator/predictor of future market growth, business profitability, and competitors’ market share. And the market value metric works for all market value chains.

During the fifth session, participants will practice creating market value models and using them to calculate market value metrics. Participants will also practice using market value metrics to predict future market growth, business profitability, and competitors’ market share.

To schedule an On-Site Market Value Workshop, call Roy Kesting at 973-694-0671 or email roy@kestingventures.com