What our clients have to say...

EXTEND® Program – New Product Launch, Paper Industry

"When I first became aware of the capabilities of Kesting Ventures Corp. about a year ago, I was in the process of developing a market development plan for a major new product for one of our strategic markets. The capital requirements to manufacture this new product were such that we had to have a plan that would ensure a successful product launch. I was concerned that the classical market research and business planning techniques that are commonly used in industry would not result in the "success plan" that I was looking for. We needed techniques that would permit us to correlate product concepts with customer value. In my view that is the only way to ensure success, TechnoMarket Profiling was the new marketing technology that I was looking for.

The use of these new techniques as we executed our Extend Program enabled us to develop a comprehensive business blueprint that I’m certain could not have been developed otherwise. We are now poised with great confidence to launch this new product knowing exactly what needs to be done to guarantee success. The blueprint that was developed by the Extend Team was also instrumental in our receiving the capital approvals for new manufacturing facilities.

In addition to the completion of our new product business blueprint we are beginning to integrate Kesting Ventures Corp.’s Market Value System concepts that we were exposed to during our Extend Program into other marketing activities. I’m pleased to note improved performance as a result. In summary, Kesting Ventures Corp.’s new marketing technology has been a valuable addition to our marketing efforts and will continue to be so in the future."

— Director of Marketing

START® Program - Adhesives – Robotics

"It was good to see you again and renew valuable memories. When we completed our Start Program, Kesting Ventures Corp. had not yet developed experiential modeling and the TechnoMarket profiling technology. In 1986, our company had many distractions. Divestment rumors were rampant and our earlier work to produce a strategic plan gave us general direction, but nothing specific to work on.

We brought in an adhesives consultant, who presented the most negative view of the future that I have ever seen. In the midst of all this turmoil, management signed on to a Start Program. You got our whole team to spend at least 200 or more extracurricular hours in a very positive manner. We learned to stimulate and develop our own thoughts and then used your logic equations and research patterns to develop a business blueprint for an exciting billion dollar opportunity. We advanced the project, and I personally believe that our blueprint is still viable.

Shortly after our business was acquired, I was asked to prepare a comprehensive business plan. Due to my Start Program experience and training, I found this quite easy. The training that we received, in conjunction with our work to prepare a proposal for a new venture, was also directly applicable to existing business. I still use the relaxation procedure that Charlie Bonasera taught us, logic equations and your market share by rank order principle.

Good luck with the launch of your TMP Report service. I think it should find a ready market. Tally Ho the Fox!"

— Business Manager

START® Program – Asphalt Additives

"In November 1989, when our company signed on for an asphalt additives Start Program, I was quite frankly disappointed. You might remember that I wrote to management, suggesting that we need resources (more people and R&D dollars) rather than more planning.

Three short months later, after we had prepared our blueprint, I became an advocate. A strong point of the Start® Program, among others, was your TechnoMarket profiling technology. You succeeded in pulling apart and explaining the function of all of the components and process steps involved in asphalt pavement. This analysis was more thorough than any I have previously seen and was instrumental in enabling us to direct ourselves towards a new family of additives with true long term potential. I only wish that our company had the benefit of a Start Program before we acquired the rights to a technology and formed a new division. We would have been much further ahead.

I was astounded at the knowledge of asphalt and the asphalt market you had acquired before the program commenced. Your leadership of the team was superb. You did not allow those who wished to distract you from the goal to do so. You allowed participants to discuss topics but not to belabor their points.

One of the most important things to come out of the Start Program was the transfer of knowledge and understanding from the core group to the other team members."

— Sales Manager

START® Program – Lumber

"I recently received your announcement of the Technomarket Profile (TMP) Reports that Kesting Ventures Corp. has launched and think that they are a terrific tool. Those of us who have completed one of your Start or Extend Programs can easily envision the true value that they might have for product and/or business development.

I learned during my participation in a Kesting Ventures Corp. Start Program how to identify, extract and organize available information and how to use our experience to create totally new knowledge blocks. We rigorously tested our knowledge blocks and ultimately used the blocks that were proven to be true to generate a rational, fully documented business blueprint for an entirely new business.

It was particularly exciting for me to look back, after we completed our Start Program, and realize that we succeeded in creating a new-to-the-world business. Yes, we had the same resources as our predecessors, but our unique organization of the information and skill that we learned to create new knowledge produced a significant innovation."

— Vice President

Comments from an Expert Panelist in Metal Treatment

"I am pleased to comment on my very positive experience with Kesting Ventures Corp.’s experiential modeling session that focused on rust prevention. During that session I was introduced to TechnoMarket Value methodology. That experience led me to forecast that, if utilized by even a fraction of USA corporations, TMP Values would contribute significantly to this nation’s competitive position in global markets.

My involvement with TMP Value came after my company had conducted a general market assessment of a product concept that had evolved through one of your Start Programs. I was one of eight (8) experienced professionals, who participated in a 2-day experiential modeling session. The model, which resulted, revealed a benefit/need/value profile that was a revelation to all involved in the session.

Later, the same TMP Value structure was used with targeted customers and end users, who affirmed and enhanced your original conclusions. Benefits to the client were enormous; specifically, the client now had:

• Clear R&D direction concerning how to optimize performance factors of greatest value,
• A core of customers and end users, who were committed to a cooperative development effort,
• Market knowledge that exceed that of both the targeted customers and end users, and
• A sound basis for an economic value pricing strategy.

I look forward to the opportunity of participating in another experiential modeling session."

— President

START® Program - Technology Assessment

"Kesting Ventures Corp. conducted a Start Program for our company from November 12, 1989 to February 13, 1990. This program was really aimed at providing us with a technology assessment of a significant confidential commercial development program.

I was really amazed that your TechnoMarket Value technology was able to correlate more than 45 technical properties of a complex composite structure with the technology needs of future markets. This thorough analysis certainly enabled us to make a knowledgeable decision. Quite frankly, in my entire career, which includes sales, marketing, R&D, commercial development, general management and consulting services, I have never come across a rigid mathematical technology that could handle something this complex. I was also impressed with the fairness of your fee structure.

Your letter suggests that TechnoMarket Value technology can also reduce the training time of new field representatives from years to a matter of weeks. At your convenience, let’s talk more about how this might be achieved."

— Senior Vice President, Business Development

START® Program - Elastomers

"In my experience, KVC's TechnoMarket Value technology is not just the best tool of its kind, it is the only tool of its kind, During our Start Program, TechnoMarket Value technology allowed us to truly understand tires and every function they perform for an automobile. With TMP Values we were able to correlate tire performance factors to elastomer properties and, since we are a polymer manufacturer as opposed to, for example, a tread design firm, allowed us to think in the terms with which we are most familiar. It gave us the ability to zero in on an area where we might contribute new value and be certain that the market would in fact perceive it as value. Perhaps, even more important, it kept us away from technical programs, which, even if fully successful, would not bring real value to the marketplace. TMP Value also served as an invaluable communication tool throughout the department. It is simple enough in concept that everyone immediately understood it, but sufficiently thorough that one could always answer the question: ‘Why are we going to…..?’

In the course of our program, we also consulted with a number of industry experts, among them was a former Firestone Vice President of R&D, and found that the understanding we had obtained from our TMP Values was not only accurate in every detail but was inevitably more insightful than these experts or any other source. It was quite an experience to be outside the industry and yet to be able to tell industry experts things that they hadn’t realized but had to admit were correct. All of our subsequent work showed that TMP Value was the most fundamental, accurate and insightful source we had in our Start Program.

TMP Value is an invaluable tool for new business development and one which I would not begin a new business development without.

Things are great with our launch. We are making fully competitive elastomers with economics that look like we will demonstrate the cost advantage revealed by your ISUM Competitive Intelligence System. Meanwhile, nearly all of the players in the market are quite interested in forming a Joint Venture with us. Things are so good (technically) at the moment, it’s spooky. I am glad to see that Kesting Ventures Corp. is doing well."

— Vice President, Technology

START® Program - Elastomers (Additional Feedback)

"Seasons Greetings! Everything is going well here.

The Start Program launch was a bit slower than we anticipated, but is now in excellent shape. The business has been doubling sales each year for the last five years and has been spun off to commercial status. [XYZ] technology is essentially complete and we are actively evaluating potential partners.

Our Start Program has proven to be a tremendous success."

— Vice President, Technology

START® Program - Polymers

"Volumes have been written about success in a business enterprise. In the final analysis, however, the key is quite simple – you need a significant net competitive advantage to have any chance of achieving returns on capital that are greater than the cost of capital.

The level of advantage required for a new business is much greater than for an ongoing business. Development of a new business is not an easy task. It usually requires the willingness to incur many years of negative cash flow. It requires the ability to predict the future. And it requires the ability to identify and focus on potential competitive advantages of sufficient magnitude to overcome the lack of market position and reputation, which usually accompany a new business effort.

The demise of a new business effort, in my experience, can usually be ascribed to one of two things.

1. The inability to identify and focus on competitive advantages of the magnitude required to succeed, and;

2. The inability or unwillingness of an organization to sustain long-term negative cash flow. It is absolutely essential to have the commitment of a high level manager, who is tenacious, totally convinced of the viability of the plan and who has sufficient power to assure long-term generous support.

The magic of the KVC approach – what you are now calling (appropriately) TechnoMarket Value, is that it is a basically foolproof and quantitative method of identifying the key competitive advantages, which must be achieved prior to starting a new business. Thus a major potential cause of failure is eliminated. But TechnoMarket Performance Value is also an effective tool for obtaining the strong commitment of the key manager(s) you need to succeed.

The need for competitive advantage is understood by most new business development managers today. The usual errors are to depend on competitive advantages, which are illusory or of insufficient size or to simply not focus on its accomplishment. TechnoMarket Performance Value profiling, via a quantitative analysis, based on the experience of individuals in the market, precludes all of these. At the end of the analysis, the participants know what advantages must be achieved, how to achieve them, and that they are sufficient for the task of developing a new business.

The usual market survey details volumes and dollars by end use or by customer and perhaps will reveal some current customer perceptions and attitudes. What is missing is a technical understanding of the customer’s needs. Without this understanding, a significant competitive advantage will never be properly identified. The KVC approach, on the other hand, focuses on such a technical understanding of all of the customer’s needs and, in fact quantifies them so that you can measure the significance of an advantage."

– Vice President, R&D

EXTEND® Program - Polymer Additives

"Before being exposed to TechnoMarket Performance Values, I had used or studied several mathematical approaches to analyze complex subjects in consumer marketing, which led me to a high degree of confidence in working with your novel approach. I must say that none of my past work was useful for industrial marketing nor did it have the scope and thoroughness of TechnoMarket Performance Values. The unique rigid discipline you have developed should certainly find a broad market."

– Director, Planning and Control

START® Program - Personal Care

"My first encounter with KVC was a meeting in which Roy Kesting described the capabilities of KVC’s Extend and Start Programs to the research directors of our company. He communicated his thesis, that most of a group’s knowledge is not written but is in the heads of its personnel. Roy maintained that his program could access and implement this knowledge. This would be accomplished by developing TechnoMarket Performance (TMP) Values for every variant of the relevant products, both within the company and in the market place.

KVC’s ingenious concept of TMP Value and its determination is one of the key elements of its programs. The valuable skill of determining TMP Values is learned by all the personnel involved in the program, and is useful in other program areas. KVC’s approach allows you to frame the whole picture of the business, quantify your position and set a technical and marketing strategy.

We retained Kesting Ventures Corp. and KVC committed to providing a blueprint that we would jointly develop and would describe in detail the best product, based on a total understanding of the market, technology, finance and manufacturing. KVC then guaranteed that the Start Program would clearly show beyond a reasonable doubt the strengths/weaknesses and economics as well as accurately simulate performance of our product. KVC further guaranteed that our customer would arrive at the same conclusion, based on the total picture communicated by the Start Program.

All of these commitments were met without omission and yielded additional benefits, e.g. our whole team learned the skill of determining and utilizing TMP Value, Economic Value, Influence that combine to produce Market Value.

As a first phase, KVC’s staff set out to digest all written information generated by and communicated to our department that was relevant to the assigned topic. In addition, they completed our intelligence through independent exhaustive literature searches. In a few weeks, they developed an in-depth understanding of our program and an uncanny feel for our business. KVC’s thesis that most of our knowledge is in the heads of its personnel and not in writing was demonstrated repeatedly.

Our blueprint has been and continues to be an extremely useful document. It provides a business and marketing plan as well as a platform for product line expansion.

Participating in the Start Program has realized my personnel goal to expand my understanding of the financial and marketing aspects of our business.

It was both a pleasure and an extremely valuable experience working with KVC’s staff."

— Vice President R&D

Expert Panelist -Automotive Parts

"It is a pleasure to provide an insight into my experience on an expert panel that developed a TechnoMarket Performance Value profile. Although it is now almost two years since I participated in the panel, I still remember the sense of accomplishment we all felt at the new insights we unearthed in our evaluation of the automobile bumper market. I especially recall the genuine expression of gratitude of your client for the new product and market knowledge they had gained from this process.

In two short days our panel, working within the framework of KVC's predefined templates, developed a unique new view of the real market needs and a quantitative model to critically evaluate the commercial value of your client’s new product. This first hand access to this new knowledge gained by your client forced them to accept that the positioning of their new product has to be realigned to achieve their ambitious growth projections. Your independent report allowed them to have high confidence that their management would have to accept this view because of the expert and independent nature of the panel. The range of experience on the panel could not have been duplicated by the internal staff of the client.

Although, my area of expertise covered only one aspect of the market, as was true of most panel members, your unique process to collect and quantify our knowledge resulted in new market insights, in which we all had a high degree of confidence. More importantly, your client had a very high degree of confidence in the result.

I remain convinced that KVC's research approach is unique, efficient and practical. I know of no other such process that is available in the market today."

— Director, Technology

START® Program - New Business Thrusts

"I wish KVC. success on the launch of its TechnoMarket Value service. I am familiar with TMP Values because this methodology was part of our Start Programs. If KVC has done as thorough a job on its business blueprint as was done for me on my projects, I know that KVC will have a winner.

You might remember that my first experience with TMP Values was for a unique functional chemical that the company I previously worked for had developed. The success of that project was the deciding factor in my decision to commission Start Programs at the company I now lead. Not only did Start Programs help my staff develop blueprints for several strategic business thrusts, but TMP Value methodology helped them efficiently launch their new businesses. I was particularly impressed with the success of our anticorrosive project. In case you haven’t heard. We have worked out alliances with five (5) companies to commercialize a series of new products.

I think you KVC advise its future customers that a TMP Value profile is not an end in itself. They really will need a complete Start Program to create a comprehensive business blueprint. A TMP Value profile is the beginning of a process to capture and communicate comprehensive knowledge. A TMP Value profile produces a detailed picture of future products and saves a lot of future frustration. This new discipline alone will not ensure success. Much hard work and commitment remains after the TMP Value profile is prepared.

Good luck to everyone at KVC on the launch of its TechnoMarket Value service."

— President

EXTEND® Program - Polyethylene Resins

"In the early days of KVC, I was the VP/GM of a Division of Union Carbide, which was looking for new growth opportunities, either as new product extensions for existing markets or as new products for new markets.

We were fortunate to find KVC, who had the tools we needed in both of these approaches. We took advantage of both the Start and Extend Programs. The Extend Program was used for just about every important product line in our business.

The beauty of these programs was the ability to gain an understanding of what the market required in product performance and what value the market placed on the performance, and also what other non-technical market relationships existed and how they might be influenced to change the structure of the market if necessary. And all without having to invest a lot of R&D and marketing time up-front to gain this valuable insight. Kesting Ventures Corp. allowed us to leverage these very valuable resources significantly.

Although I am no longer associated with the same business today, my former associates have told me that the assumptions made about the marketplace and the products required in one of the Extend Programs were reviewed recently and. Although more than four years old, were "right on."

I wish KVC all the success it certainly deserves."

— President

“In my experience Experiential Modeling is not just the best tool of its kind, it’s the only tool of its kind – it was quite an experience to be outside an industry and in the position to tell industry experts things they hadn't quite realized but had to admit were correct. All subsequent work showed Experiential Modeling to be the most fundamental, accurate and insightful source we had in the program.”

— Technology Manager

“My only regret is that we didn't use Experiential Modeling before we rolled out our advertising program – it would have eliminated a lot of guesswork and made our marketing easier (and more effective) from the beginning.”

— President of Advertising & Marketing Agency

Experiential Modeling is really an invaluable tool for new business development. I would not begin a new venture without it.”

— Commercial Development Manager

“The usual market survey details volumes and dollars by end use or by customer and, perhaps, reveals some current customer perceptions and attitudes. What is missing is a technical understanding of customers' needs. Experiential Modeling focuses on the technical understanding of all of the customers' needs and, in fact, quantifies them so that you can actually measure a significant advantage.”

— Director of Research & Development

“The magic of Experiential Modeling is that it is a basically foolproof and quantitative method to identify the key competitive advantages that must be achieved prior to starting a new venture.”

— New Business Director


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