Kesting Ventures Client Communications Services

Kesting Ventures Corp. has made it a priority to make sure our clients and teams are always up-to-date with what's going on with your project.


The KVC Glance Network is a service KVC has contracted with that allows our clients to view, on their own desktops, a real-time view of someone else's desktop. Multiple users can be logged on simultaneously, so your whole group gets up to speed quickly.

It requires no special software – just a browser, internet access and password.

What are some of the uses of Glance?

• live NetMeetings
• hands-on learning of KVC program components (e.g. spreadsheet functions)
• project teams can make or view presentations in real-time
• collaborate on documents in real-time
• coordinate schedules & tasks; get it done all at once with everyone's simultaneous input.

Example: you have questions about how an embedded macro works in a specific START Program Excel spreadsheet. With Glance, you and your team can watch KVC personnel demonstrate for you from their computer, right on your screen. Every mouse movement they make and screen update they see, you see on your own screen, in real time! Your whole group can even participate at once, from anywhere with web access.

For more info, visit the Glance website