About Kesting Ventures Corp.

Our Mission

The mission of Kesting Ventures Corp. is to develop, improve, record and facilitate the problem-solving methodology required by R&D, marketing and commercial development specialists.

More than ever, scientists and marketers face an information explosion, complicating the task of sorting out knowledge required to discover viable new business concepts. Most corporations have extensive background and know-how, which should provide the basis for continuing growth. The problem is that this know-how is buried within the minds of their experienced staff and hidden in reports.

Industry worldwide seeks to develop new products and technologies. However, the cost of research and technology development has spiralled to a point that has caused many corporations to become concerned about their continuing ability to afford this essential investment in the future.

The answer to this dilemma rests in the powerful problem-solving methodology of Experiential Modeling that is embodied in KVC’s Extend® and Start® Programs. These programs enable your organization to formspecific operational plans for entire businesses envision and then invent new products and technologies — even renew the growth of existing businesses.

The process by which new products and businesses are discovered can be compare to the solution of a complex puzzle. The puzzle itself may not be clear, because the new business team may not really understand the market’s future needs. Our proven programs surface the complete puzzle, then solve it.

Key Personnel


W. Roy Kesting, MBA

Since founding Kesting Ventures Corp. in 1984, Roy has personally completed hundreds of major innovation programs for clients around the world. He has won recognition as the inventor of Experiential Modeling technologies and the Market Value System, which deciphers the mechanism by which markets make "buy decisions." These tools reflect his 40 years of experience in senior management and consulting to the departments of research, general management, innovation, technology assessment and marketing for a variety of industries.

A long-time member of the Commercial Development & Marketing Association, Roy received their Golden C Award for excellence in the practice of commercial development in 1995. The CDMA is the world’s leading professional organization dedicated to the fostering, promoting, and sharing of business practices for long term growth and value creation in the chemical and allied industries.

Roy has a BS in Chemistry and Mathematics from Manhattan College, an MBA in Finance from Fairleigh Dickinson University and has completed 15 years additional graduate course work in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.

Market Value Group Program Directors

Dr. William Claus PhD

Bill has over 30 years experience in research and development throughout the polymer industry market value chain. His resin knowledge ranges from water-soluble polymers to engineering plastics. His product knowledge ranges from flexible fibers, fabrics, and films to rigid molded and extruded articles. His composites knowledge ranges from a broad array of composite materials to wire and cable products.

An alumnus of Extend and Start programs in the late eighties, he has been using Market Value System concepts in managing technology development programs ever since. His leadership of commercial development programs resulted in numerous successful new product introductions and earned him a position on the business leadership team of a billion-dollar polymer business. Bill’s expertise in commercial development enables him to clearly convey the benefits of the Market Value System for achieving significant competitive advantage. Bill’s academic training includes BS and MS degrees in Engineering Science from Purdue University and a Ph. D. degree in Aerospace and Mechanical Sciences from Princeton University.

Robert C. Hawkins, MBA

Bob is an alumnus of four major worldwide Extend® Programs that involved more than 25 products in each industry. Bob has become an expert in the ISUM competitive intelligence system.

Bob has over 30 years of chemical and plastics industry experience in market value assessment, manufacturing process optimization, financial and cost analyses, and strategic and tactical business planning. Bob has a BS degree in Chemical Engineering and an MBA in Business Administration-Finance, both from Ohio University.


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