KVC TMP Value Module

TechnoMarket Performance (TMP) Value is the first component of market value. TMP Value directly correlates properties with the needs of specific end-use markets. Myriad product factors and subfactors contributing to performance are identified, quantified, sorted and evaluated, revealing interrelationships between product features and market value.

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Approach: Following its comprehensive background review, the KVC team designs customized TMP Value models. The KVC team launches the TMP Value module and conducts one or more experiential modeling sessions within and/or external to the company according to contract terms.

A Glossary of properties is developed and all properties are then measured, ranked and put into interactive Excel spreadsheets by the Industry Expert Panel.

The KVC team does everything that is required to help the company utilize TMP Value models to describe the technical worth of products and services for specific customers.

Excel files are prepared that are readily adaptable to other products and services.

TMP VALUE SAMPLE FILES (product - PVC siding)

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The KVC team identifies property gaps that, if fulfilled, will enable the company to become the property leader. The KVC team also uses TMP Values to evaluate competitors’ products. Depending on contract terms, the KVC team might also develop a knowledge portal for the company, which makes the customized TMP Value module a dynamic knowledge block system.

Benefits: TMP Values correlate technical properties with market importance. TMP Value methodology facilitates innovation and marketing communication. TMP Value methodology greatly simplifies training of sales, marketing, business and R&D professionals. TMP Value methodology enables sales, marketing, business and R&D professionals to communicate at the frontier of science and market knowledge.

Prerequisites and Deliverables: Participants will receive a customized workbook and a CD that contains customized files that are conveniently adaptable to other products and services. A laptop computer with a CD ROM drive and Microsoft Office Software (Word, Excel and Power Point) are prerequisites. Participants do not have to be expert in Word, Excel or Power Point software but rudimentary computer proficiency and knowledge of the basic function of this software is desirable. The KVC team will partner with the company to form the company’s team. The KVC team will conduct all experiential modeling sessions and publish minutes and newsletters as required. The KVC team will also prepare a final Power Point presentation.

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