KVC's Market Value System is a complete set of tools that enable people to convert experience into knowledge blocks that can be used to describe the past, present and future market value of specialized products and services. With these knowledge blocks, companies will have what it takes to become a market value leader in their strategic markets. Market value leadership leads to sustainable sales and profitability growth.

The Market Value System is a complete knowledge system that utilizes Kesting Ventures Corp.’s proprietary experiential modeling methodologies. Experiential modeling methodologies convert the judgment of people into a mathematical language they can use to create market value. Experiential modeling enables people to thoroughly communicate, and objectively surfaces complete pictures that might be different than prevailing thought. The essential components of experiential modeling are: template design, glossaries, modeling processes and the use of the models to create market value.

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Experiential modeling is based on the premise that the only purpose of information is to stimulate thought. To prepare an experiential model, available information is sent to or shown to participants. The participants follow workbook instructions and/or a facilitator to quantify their judgment of the importance and status of specific factors. The participants dialogue about their experiential models and focus on action steps to optimize the market value of specialized products and services.

Experiential models, available information, workbooks, glossaries, and minutes become the participants’ knowledge blocks. Their knowledge blocks can be placed on a secure Internet server. Whenever they want to access their knowledge blocks to edit their judgment, participants can obtain them through a secure knowledge portal. In this manner, the knowledge blocks become a dynamic knowledge system.

Kesting Ventures Corp. offers training programs that teach companies how to design and conduct their own Market Value System programs. Kesting Ventures Corp. also works with human resource and information service departments to develop classroom and correspondence courses for in-house career development programs.

Market Value System programs and modules are offered by Kesting Ventures and include:

Market Value Module
TMP Value Module
Economic Value Module
Influence Module

These modules can be purchased singly or combined to produce unique programs for your business. All modules include thorough reviews of available background material, glossaries and workbooks, 1-day or 2-day experiential modeling sessions, written reports and computer disks. Each module adds significant value to a business as well as professional training.

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