KVC Market Value Training

The Market Value System links...

TMP Value,

...to a Market Value Model that correlates with market share and profitability. The Market Value model can help companies develop comprehensive marketing strategies and tactical actions plans and test them against the offensive and defensive reactions of competitors.

Economic Value,

and Influence
Knowledge Blocks...

Approach: Uses an adaptable Market Value model to train participants to design and utilize these models to gain a sustainable business advantage. Market Value models describe how "buy decisions" are made. Market Value models can be used to formulate target account programs, including detailed action steps for sales, marketing, R&D, manufacturing, and business professionals. Excel files are prepared that are readily adaptable to other products and services.

Benefits: Market Value models differentiate market segments based on the relative magnitude of TMP Value, Economic Value and Influence. Market Value models predict market share and profitability potential. Market Value models facilitate gaining the personal commitment of every person to implement comprehensive strategies and action plans.

whatever your product
or service, proven
KVC methodologies...
...will teach you how to
maximize it's value in the
real world marketplace

Curriculum: Participants will receive a workbook and a CD that contains files that are conveniently adaptable to other products and services. A laptop computer with a CD ROM drive and Microsoft Office Software (Word, Excel and Power Point) are prerequisites. Prior TMP Value, Economic Value and Influence training is desirable. Attendees do not have to be expert in Word, Excel or Power Point software but rudimentary computer proficiency and knowledge of the basic function of this software is desirable.

This Market Value Training Program is intended for beginning, middle and senior level professionals. Classes can be grouped according to experience level.