KVC Knowledge Block Management Training

Experiential modeling is based on the premise that the only purpose of information is to stimulate thought. To prepare an experiential model, available information is sent to or shown to participants. The participants follow workbook instructions and/or a facilitator to quantify their judgment of the importance and status of specific factors. The participants dialogue about their experiential models and focus on action steps to optimize the market value of specialized products and services.

whatever your product
or service, proven
KVC methodologies...
...will teach you how to
maximize it's value in the
real world marketplace

Experiential models, available information, workbooks, glossaries, and minutes become the participants’ knowledge blocks. Their knowledge blocks can be placed on a secure Internet server. Whenever they want to access their knowledge blocks to edit their judgment, participants can obtain them through a secure knowledge portal. In this manner, the knowledge blocks become a dynamic knowledge system.

Approach: Trains MIS professionals to develop a knowledge portal for their company’s Market Value Programs.

Benefits: Gives MIS professionals the tools they need to assist business teams to manage their Market Value System knowledge blocks.

Curriculum: Participants will receive a workbook and a CD that contains files that can be used to create a Market Value System knowledge portal. A laptop computer with a CD ROM drive and Microsoft Office Software (Word, Excel and Power Point) and IBM Lotus Notes are prerequisites. Prior TMP Value, Economic Value and Influence training is desirable. Attendees do not have to be expert in Word, Excel, Power Point or Lotus Notes software but rudimentary computer proficiency and knowledge of the basic function of this software is desirable.

This Knowledge Block Management Training Program is intended for middle MIS and business managers. Classes can be grouped according to experience level.

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