KVC Innovation Tools Training

Innovation is the entire process by which new products and services are invented, developed and brought to market in an efficient and timely manner. Profitable, sustainable, internal growth is a major goal of most companies. Innovation Tools Training is a special training program for Innovation Leadership Teams (ILT); also referred to as Growth Teams, Growth Councils, etc.

whatever your product
or service, proven
KVC methodologies...
...will teach you how to
maximize it's value in the
real world marketplace

Approach: Innovation Tools Training involves four steps:

1. ILT Function: Helps companies organize an ILT, select ILT functions and determine current innovation status.

2. Market Value Chain Guidelines: Helps companies develop guidelines concerning strategic value-added components.

3. Innovation Components: Helps companies identify components that are required for successful new business development.

4. Project Evaluation: Helps companies evaluate projects and identify what must be done to ensure their success.

Benefits: Enables companies to organize a proactive Innovation Leadership Team that is capable of dramatically increasing the success rate of new business development, R&D and marketing investments.

Curriculum: Participants will receive a workbook and a CD that contains files that an Innovation Leadership Team can use for years. A laptop computer with a CD ROM and Microsoft Office Software (Word, Excel, Power Point) are prerequisites. Prior TMP Value, Economic Value and Influence training is desirable. Attendees do not have to be expert in Word, Excel or Power Point software but rudimentary computer proficiency and knowledge of the basic function of this software is desirable. Innovation Tools Training Program is intended for executive management.