KVC Influence Training

Influence concerns all marketing and external factors that affect the "buy decision" of a market value chain. These factors are the barriers that must be overcome by a supplier who wants to replace another supplier in an existing market or cause customers in a new market to be interested in a company’s products or services. Influence should not be confused with best practices such as zero defects, just-in-time delivery, product reproducibility or consistency, or customer response time, which are necessary to retain existing business.

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Approach: Uses an adaptable Influence model to train participants how to design and utilize these models to gain a marketing advantage. Influence models identify and prioritize all marketing, distribution, industry, societal, environmental, government and other factors that describe, surround and influence the market. Influence models measure the market barriers that must be overcome and enable companies to develop and evaluate alternative marketing programs. Excel files are prepared that are readily adaptable to other products and services. Participants are taught how to design and use Influence models to gain a marketing advantage.

Benefits: Influence models can be used to provide direction and focus for a company’s marketing programs. Influence models enable businesses to gain the full benefit of their technology and economic advantages.

Curriculum: Participants will receive a workbook and a CD that contains files that are conveniently adaptable to other products and services. A laptop computer with a CD ROM drive and Microsoft Office Software (Word, Excel and Power Point) are prerequisites. Attendees do not have to be expert in Word, Excel or Power Point software but rudimentary computer proficiency and knowledge of the basic function of this software is desirable.

This Influence Training Program is intended for beginning, middle and senior level professionals. Classes can be grouped according to experience level.

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