KVC Managerial Accounting Training

Most companies utilize accounting systems that are designed more for financial reporting than business decisions. KVC’s Managerial Accounting Training Program uses ISUM financial models that link with Market Value decision models. ISUM is the acronym for income summary. An ISUM model consists of a number of linked, interactive spreadsheets that use management input to calculate detailed cash flow statements, income summaries and balance sheets. ISUM models can be tied directly to a business’ existing financial data and chart of accounts. This information is formatted to give business managers the information they need to run their business.

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Approach: Uses adaptable ISUM financial models to train business managers to use these models to run their business. ISUM financial models enable business managers to prepare detailed proforma financial statements whenever they need them. Excel files are prepared that are readily adaptable to other products and services.

Benefits: Gives managers the tools they need to generate financial decision-making reports the minute they are needed. Helps managers improve profitability. Identifies problems before they occur.

Curriculum: Participants will receive a workbook and a CD that contains files that are readily adaptable to other products and services. A laptop computer with a CD ROM drive and Microsoft Office Software (Word, Excel and Power Point) are prerequisites. Prior TMP Value, Economic Value and Influence training is desirable. Attendees do not have to be expert in Word, Excel or Power Point software but rudimentary computer proficiency and knowledge of the basic function of this software is desirable.

This Managerial Accounting Training Program is intended for middle business and accounting managers. Classes can be grouped according to experience level.

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